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B2B content strategy for businesses that don’t know where to start…

B2B content strategy for businesses that don’t know where to start…

B2B marketing can be a complex beast.

There are a million different possibilities… most of which lead to poor results.

Here’s why B2B content strategies fail:

  • Teams just focus on the creation, and not the strategy or measurement
  • Writers create great content, but don’t put as much effort into distributing it
  • Marketers don’t understand how to capture the essence of the business in their content plan
  • Bosses don’t know who to delegate their content marketing to
  • Leaders think that only an internal team can ‘understand’ their business enough to do content (not true)

The good news? It doesn’t have to take a lot of money to fix – you just need to ask the right questions.

Answer a few of ours and we’ll show you how to get your content marketing on track.

Let’s talk content strategy

We’ve made our offering super-simple so you can spend less time trying to learn marketing jargon and more time focusing on what makes your business great.

We’re the Marketing Project.

A Melbourne-based B2B marketing agency with years of experience creating detailed content strategies for organisations in a wide range of industries.

Using just the right mix of theory and execution, we create robust B2B content plans that we work through together, step-by step.

We capture your business’ essence and uniqueness, and help you tell your story in a creative way.

Could we be your B2B copywriting agency?

Help us get to know your business and give you advice specific to your business and industry.

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