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The B2B copywriting agency for busy businesses.

The B2B copywriting agency for busy businesses.

Expert copywriting. Built for B2B.

Some B2B businesses and agencies think of copywriting as an afterthought.
That’s led to a deluge of ‘corporate-speak’ – that dull, ugly stuff that we all skip past.
But a clear and distinct tone of voice is even MORE important in B2B, where propositions can be tricky to explain, and you need to claw and scrape for every last crumb of differentiation.
B2B buyers are people, too – not robots. You can still make emotional connections with your audience. You just have to be smart about how you do it.

Where we see B2B copywriting fail:

  • It’s done by the person who knows the most about what you’re talking about (not the one who can express it in the right way)
  • A good writer is brought in, but badly briefed
  • The tone of voice is undefined, or just in the boss’ image
  • The writer knows a lot about their product, but nothing about their audience’s pain points
  • Leaders think that only an internal team can ‘understand’ their business enough to write about it (not true)

We’re the Marketing Project.

A Melbourne-based marketing agency with years of B2B copywriting experience for organisations just like yours.

We live and breathe B2B – and our copywriters especially love helping those businesses who are trying to make a real difference in the world.

Talk to us about copywriting for websites, social, digital, ad campaigns – anything you can throw at us.

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