// B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

B2B digital marketing strategy is what we do best.

B2B digital marketing strategy is what we do best.

Your digital marketing strategy is your foundation…

So why do B2B businesses so often try to work without one?
Haphazard, scattershot, shotgun marketing might get some interest short-term – but it’s much more expensive and won’t get better over time.
In marketing, you can be steady without being slow.
With the right digital marketing strategy, B2Bs can balance the ‘need it now’ with the long-term thinking that will secure you a steady stream of business.

Where we see B2B digital marketing strategies fail:

  • The task is given to someone with knowledge of the business, but not of marketing practices
  • It’s over-influenced by those who have an interest in ‘moving the needle’ short-term rather than building an audience
  • It’s created by people (internally or externally) with no interest in ever executing it
  • It’s a ‘people pleasing’ process rather than a practical exercise
  • There’s no room for iterating, optimising and updating on the go
  • It’s the first thing dropped when sales pick up

We’re the Marketing Project.

A Melbourne-based marketing agency with years of experience creating B2B digital marketing strategies for organisations just like yours.

We live and breathe B2B – and we especially love helping those businesses who are trying to make a real difference in the world.

Our consultants get to know your business – through old-fashioned discussion and conversation with you, your colleagues and your customers – and put together a strategy which will get the results you’re after (whatever they may be).

Do you need help with a B2B digital marketing strategy?

Help us get to know your business and give you advice specific to your business and industry.

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