Building a strong customer base with Conplant

TMP has been working with compaction and construction equipment supplier Conplant to bring their marketing output in line with a well-established offering. Using a multi-channel approach and targeted campaign creative, they've been able to achieve tangible growth.

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April 2022 - March 2024






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Conplant is the leading supplier of compaction and construction equipment in Australia. They boast the country’s largest fleet of compaction rollers and were awarded Australia’s #1 Hire Company in 2022.

Working in a complex industry with a large product mix can cause headaches when it comes to putting together successful marketing strategies. Holly’s advice has been spot on and our campaigns are now targeted in a way that we’d never considered before.
Simon Willson
Marketing  & Special Projects


In short, to make Conplant more visible and generate more leads. With a product offering already held in high regard by their existing client base, our goal was to showcase that offering to a wider audience, driving more traffic through their website to increase brand awareness and conversions.

As Conplant’s industry footprint grows, so too does its portfolio of sub-brands, requiring distinct yet cohesive campaign assets across a wide range of products and services.

Our goals:

  • - More website traffic
  • - Greater social media reach & engagement
  • - Increased lead database
  • - Increased conversion (phone calls & form submissions)


Our strategy involved a multi-channel approach across search, social, and website optimisation.


TMP created dedicated bidding strategies and budgets to optimise our search campaigns. These campaigns were realigned to better match Conplant’s offering, and expanded to include dynamic search ads for better performance.

To ensure we reached the right audience, we expanded our targeted and negated keywords, while evaluating profitable search terms using a method called ‘n-grams’.

To enhance our remarketing efforts, we designated specific audience segments for use in search, display, and social media campaigns. We also used exclusion and bid modifiers for better targeting.

We created a whitelist for display campaigns to ensure our ads appeared on reputable websites. We also used various audience types, such as URL-based, in-market, affinity, and remarketing, to reach potential customers effectively. Our display ads were regularly refreshed with new creative, and we also introduced native responsive ads for a better user experience.


TMP reallocated budget to focus more on performing social media channels while stopping campaigns on less effective platforms. Our social media campaigns were strategically designed to follow a funnel approach, maximising awareness, consideration, and encouraging action from our target audiences.

We introduced dedicated campaigns around specific lead magnets (such as a downloadable Compaction Guide PDF). Our creative was refreshed regularly, testing new variations, with the best-performing options being highlighted and lower performing options paused.


We set up GA4 (Google Analytics 4) to gather better data and insights about our website performance and user behaviour. Blog content was optimised for SEO with high-ranking, relevant topics and keywords.

These actions and improvements were carefully planned and executed to enhance our marketing strategies, reach our target audience more effectively, and achieve better results in the Australian market.


Optimisation over time has resulted in:

  • ↑32% Paid Social Impressions year-on-year
  • ↑20% Database contacts from Oct 22 - June 23
  • ↑142% Form submissions year-on-year
  • ↑24% Phone calls from the website year-on-year
  • ↑53% Total website conversions year-on-year
  • ↑287% Website clicks
  • ↑455% Total impressions

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