Elevate your entire 
marketing strategy 
in just 8 weeks.

Not seeing results from your current marketing efforts? Whether it’s due to a lack of time or in-house expertise, we’ll help equip your business with the tools for success. 

We work with you to build a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy and roadmap to get you on track in quick time. Kick things off with a free 
20-minute consultation with TMP Strategy Lead, Holly.
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Why book a B2B bootcamp with TMP?

8-week program that equips you for years to come
Collaborative consulting, matching TMP’s expertise to your specific industry & business challenges
Hands-on marketing training that’s intensive yet accessible
Tangible resources to take with you for ongoing guidance on best practice
Efficient upskilling sessions at low cost
Support for you to complete elements of the strategy yourself
Digital B2B specialists working alongside you
Expert Q&A                        

At TMP, you’re our VIP.

Regardless of your business size, if we’re working with you, you have our full attention. Our program is tailored to your specific objectives, so you go away with a practical, actionable marketing strategy and plan.
While our B2B boot camp teaches you to fish, TMP is also on hand to help do some of the fishing as your marketing needs grow.

8-week program overview

Our bootcamp program runs across 8 weeks, to deliver maximum impact in the shortest time possible.

Week 1-2

Kick off
Framework + research

Week 3-4

Audience segmentation
Positioning + messaging

Week 5-6

Goals, strategic
statement + channels
Action plan, budget + goals

Week 7-8

Final review
End of project Q&A

How TMP works with you to build a strategy

  • Workshop sessions
    Collaborative time to introduce each topic, workshop how it relates to your business, apply relevant strategy templates.
  • Between sessions
    You complete your section of the plan based on internal discussions with your team.
  • Next session
    TMP introduces the next topic. Rinse and repeat.

Need to supercharge your marketing strategy?

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