Our Story.

You’re not actually interested in our backstory, let’s be honest. We’d rather help you tell your story, anyway. That’s our whole thing. But if it’s context you’re after, here it is.
Originally based in Melbourne, the pandemic lockdowns forced a rethink – so we’re now fully remote with a talented, multi-disciplinary team. This enables us to hire the best person for the job, not just the best within a 15km radius.
We do our best work in the B2B space. We can take the wheel or hop in the sidecar to be there when you need us. We collaborate like a colleague, not a client. We adapt to your way of working, no hand holding required. So you can get back to running your business without the marketing burden.
What began as a solo exercise by Holly Locastro in 2013 has since snowballed into a much more deliberate enterprise. With consistent growth, The Marketing Project has sprawled into a full-service B2B agency.
Our goal has always been to help B2B companies hit the accelerator, whatever phase they’re in. We’re a collective of strategists, consultants, copywriters, designers and digital experts. As your marketing partner, we get results that align with your business goals (not just vanity metrics), while keeping content authentic to your brand.

What are your marketing needs?

Send us a message outlining your current challenges or book in for a free Zoom consultation where we can get to grips with your brand and business objectives.
Holly Locastro
Director/Strategy Lead
“We know the challenges of trying to communicate value as a growing business because we’re on that same journey ourselves.
The goal is always to maximise lead gen and growth opportunities for our clients. We remain channel agnostic, constantly refining our approach to drive better results. We tailor our strategy to each brand’s unique identity, audience, and objectives.”

Who we are

Director & Strategy Lead
Paid Digital Lead
Content Lead
Senior Account Manager
Senior Account Manager
Graphic Designer
Designer &

Marketing Assistant
Account Manager
Social Media Coordinator
Mkt Automation Specialist
Ben Poulten
SEO Specialist
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