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Let us troubleshoot your biggest B2B Marketing obstacles.

Need a one-off workshop to solve a specific challenge? Or just a refresh on marketing best practice? TMP can provide 1-hour virtual coaching sessions for your in-house marketing team.

What's included in your coaching session?

Step 1

After booking your session time you will be sent a questionnaire to fill in outlining your marketing challenge. You'll answer specific questions and you can also attach any relevant info.
Step 2

TMP will review the info provided.

Step 3

We'll run a one-hour call with your team to talk through potential solutions and our recommendations. You can ask specific questions during this session.
Step 4

TMP follows up with a written summary of our recommendations, plus any addtional resources that will be useful for you.

Why book a coaching session with TMP?

Sure, you could Google marketing best practices, but sifting through to find the info most relevant to your industry and audience takes time. We give you real, actionable advice tailored to the specifics of your business.

Plus, you can ask questions directly to an expert. We provide tangible answers - no generalisations you need to decipher. We're also available for additional support and follow-up sessions if needed.


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