Optimising the customer journey with Omron

TMP has been working with Omron since 2022, implementing strategies to improve the conversion path of their eCommerce store.

Key results

Results measured between
Feb 2023 - Feb 2024


marketing efficiency year-on-year


increase in transactions


website traffic year-on-year


Omron Automation & Robotics develops high-tech solutions to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Their product range includes sensors, switches, relays, robotics, safety components and more.

Omron's equipment is high-end and highly influential in shaping the processes of the facilities in which it's used. The audience therefore may require a longer consideration phase with more reassurance around its efficacy and value.
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The task was both qualitative and quantitative. From a branding perspective, we were asked to establish a local application of Omron’s global branding for an AU/NZ audience. Meanwhile, we needed targeted paid media campaigns to nurture new and returning leads, paired with a more intuitive eCommerce journey to ultimately increase conversions.

Our goals:

  • - Assist in the launch of Omron’s new e-store & website
  • - Overarching strategy, systems & campaigns to boost lead gen



TMP created a new ‘Omron Automation & Robotics’ logo to match their local registered business name. We also helped to expand Omron’s brand guidelines, retaining their existing brand capital while evolving the look and feel into something more contemporary for the sector.

We created two graphic devices to use in conjunction with an extended secondary colour palette. We codified this as part of new brand guidelines, applying it to a series of templates for internal use.

TMP also provided guidance through a series of audits of the new eStore. We provided feedback on UX and visual design to ensure that branding was applied consistently and effectively.


Elsewhere, our approach consisted of coordinated Search and Social campaigns. In terms of Search, TMP created dedicated bidding strategies and budgets to optimise our campaigns. We expanded our campaigns and included dynamic search ads for better performance.

Ready for the X’s and 0’s? Here we go…

TMP expanded Omron’s targeted and negated keywords, also establishing a process for keyword negation. We also evaluated profitable search terms using n-grams. Then, our attribution model was updated, and conversion actions were recalibrated to measure our campaign's success accurately.

To boost our remarketing efforts, TMP created specific audience segments for use in search, display, and social media campaigns. We also used exclusion and bid modifiers for better targeting. A whitelist was created for display campaigns to ensure our ads appeared on reputable websites.

We used various audience types, such as URL-based, in-market, affinity, and remarketing, to reach potential customers more effectively. Meanwhile, our search campaigns were synchronised with data from Hubspot to ensure better targeting and personalisation.


For social, we realigned budget to focus more on high-performing channels while stopping campaigns on less effective platforms like Linkedin.

Our social media campaigns were strategically designed to follow a funnel approach, maximising awareness, consideration, and encouraging action from our target audience.

Our creative was refreshed regularly with new variations being tested regularly to optimise engagement.


To keep track of everything, we set up GA4 (Google Analytics 4) to gather better data and insights about website performance and user behaviour. We integrated GA4 with Hubspot to streamline our data analysis and marketing efforts.

TMP also implemented marketing funnels and lead magnets (e.g. product brochures) to incentivise and retain more potential customers.


Optimisation over time has resulted in:

  • Increased website traffic with a 52% rise in sessions year on year.
  • Increased transactions through the e-store. 195% growth year on year.
  • Increased revenue of 158% year on year through the e-store.
  • Increased marketing efficiency of 196% year on year.
  • Lower cost per transaction of 54% year on year.
  • ↑43% increase in new contacts

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