Tripling conversions & halving cost-per-acquisition for Sculptform

In 2022, we were tasked with delivering more qualified leads and boosting conversions on behalf of premium architecture brand, Sculptform. With targeted creative and a strategic channel approach, we were able to make a tangible impact.

Key results

Results measured between

web traffic


cost per aquisition
The team at The Marketing Project are a pleasure to work with, seamlessly blending with our in-house marketing team and supporting us where needed.
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The client

Sculptform creates architectural feature linings for walls, ceilings, and building facades. Crafted from timber and aluminium, their click-on battens, screens, and cladding can be customised to meet a range of design needs – from stylish textures to sound insulation. These solutions help to bring interior and exterior spaces to life, for design projects all over the world.

The challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, Scultpform aimed to increase their qualified leads by improving awareness and consideration amongst their target audiences – namely architects, interior designers, builders, and installers – whose motivations aren’t always neatly aligned.

Our goal was to improve cost-effectiveness, ensuring maximum impact for every dollar spent. At the same time, the decline of third-party cookies and an increasingly fragmented digital market demanded an adaptable approach.

The solution

At the heart of our strategy was a two-pronged approach, focusing on channels with high targeting, reach, and conversion capabilities: Search and Social.


To streamline and amplify our search campaigns, we developed dedicated bidding strategies, ensuring budgets were used to their full potential. We aligned our search campaigns with Sculptform's offerings, introducing dynamic search ads and deploying an advanced keyword strategy to tap into the desired audience. 

To reach potential customers effectively, we used various audience types, updated our ad extensions, and synchronised campaigns with Hubspot data. We also employed a day-parting strategy to serve ads during more active hours in order to minimise cost per acquisition (CPA).


Driving quality traffic resulted in a 38% increase in web visits. CPA decreased by 59% in just 12 months.


We realigned our budget to prioritise high-performing social media channels while stopping campaigns on less effective platforms. Our creative was refreshed regularly with new variations tested, highlighting the best-performing versions while pausing those that proved less effective.

TMP adopted a funnel approach, ensuring campaigns guided users progressively through to conversion – maximising awareness, consideration, and encouraging action from our target audience.


Within 12-months, our tailored social strategy led to a 63% reduction in CPA for our social media campaigns.


Beyond Search and Social, we used Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to gain better data insights, integrating it with Hubspot for streamlined data analysis. Our primary focus was attracting and engaging potential customers more efficiently – not only generating leads, but following up with targeted email content to nurture them through to conversion.

Our creatives tailored copy and design for ads aimed at specific audience avatars in Australia, as well as the UK and USA. We pitched and produced value-adding lead magnets – like eBooks – to boost lead gen and encourage top-of-funnel prospects towards conversion. At the same time, our team proactively provided landing page and website recommendations to ensure a more intuitive path to conversion.

Through paid media campaigns, we also drove registration for webinars and live events held at Sculptform’s Melbourne studio. 


In less than a year working with TMP, Sculptform saw a 206% surge in conversions. They simultaneously reduced their CPA for samples, bookings requested, lead magnets and all conversions, reducing overall CPA by 59%. The number of new users registered to the Price and Spec platform also increased by 31%.

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