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How to Research Your B2B Audience

When it comes to your B2B audience, it’s important that you stay in sync with their needs and preferences. Unfortunately: you’re not psychic (or if you are, you are probably using your abilities for something greater)… the good news though, is that you don’t actually have to be. You don’t need to pay a fortune […]

How to Keep Momentum Going

When you’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money into a good marketing plan, it’s not only important that you get it going in the first place – but you need to keep it going. So once you’ve implemented it and you’ve got it off to a good start, you can’t just sit back […]

Do you buy into the hype?

Sometimes it feels as though a new marketing channel is being launched every day. You’ve just got a handle on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and along comes Snapchat, guest blogs and now paid social ads – what’s that all about!? Each channel loudly vies for business owners’ attention. Pick me! Pick me! Look what I […]

How to Determine Market Knowledge

Most businesses don’t have a clear market profile for where their business sits. Don’t let this be you. Without a clear market profile from the start, you’re building your marketing strategy on shaky foundations, rather than the rock solid base it needs. Start by being honest with yourself and developing a clear picture of your […]

Marketing Plans – Strategy AND Tactics

There are many things I don’t know How to change the oil in my car, why chocolate always finds its way into my shopping trolley and how to get over jet lag – to name a few. But one thing I do know is marketing And marketing without a plan is like throwing a fistful […]

Why Finding the Time to Market is a Must

As a small business owner, one of your biggest challenges (even when you’re a marketer!) is finding the time to do your own marketing. Even with a great team behind you, it’s inevitable that you find yourself wearing multiple hats. Unfortunately, more often than not, your marketing hat gets placed in the ‘I’ll attend to […]

Solve Those Niggling Marketing Problems

Whatever your business, sticking to a consistent marketing plan is vital to your ongoing success and growth. Small business owners understand this, but inevitably struggle to achieve it. Consistently, I see four recurring problems that are holding them back from success. Happily, there are also some solutions. Here are the four scenarios I come across […]

Marketing, does it really work?

This is a question I get asked A LOT. And I understand why people ask me or have a cynical attitude to marketing. It’s usually because they’ve recently purchased an industry advert, run a Facebook campaign or sent an eNewsletter and got zero results from it. Not one. Nada. So naturally, they think that marketing […]