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How to Set Marketing Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

Last time I posted I encouraged you to think about your marketing goals for 2016. I want you to think big about what you want to achieve. Hopefully, you’ve thought and set goals to reach by the end of the 2017 financial and calendar year. Your marketing goals are the building blocks of your entire […]

Have You Started on Your Marketing Activity Yet?

Like many people, you’re probably back from holidays in the office by now, ready to tackle the challenges that the year ahead will bring and looking forward to reaping the rewards of your hard work. What better time than now to start off on the right foot with your marketing activity for 2017? Set Your […]

Implementation – That’s The Easy Part, Right?

It couldn’t be simpler. You have your marketing plan at the ready and all you have to do now is follow it, right? Well no, this is the place where life tends to take over. You have a HR issue. Your office manager quits. Any number of day-to-day hassles occur. Suddenly, it’s six months down […]