Lachie here – graphic designer at The Marketing Project. Since we’ve all got so many competing demands on our time right now, I thought I’d share a few of my time-saving tips for Mac users. These are (hopefully) different to the more obvious ones you see floating around the internet.

Making little time savings throughout the day can add up to many hours saved over the course of a year. Minimising “finder-time” is a passion of mine – cutting down on the dead space in between tasks where you’re organising folders, creating files, or hunting through archives for an old job.

Here are some of my shortcuts to speed up workflow, and maximise the time available in your day for the real work!

1. Hit Return (Enter) to quickly rename files in Finder

Keeping files tidy begins with consistent file name conventions. Quickly rename multiple files in Finder by hitting Return. Using the arrow keys along with holding Shift to select and overwrite text.

2. Start using a second screen

Seriously. A small investment in a second screen makes a world of difference.

Comparing versions of a file, having the client brief open while you’re working on the other screen, having a dedicated Spotify screen… it can come in handy!

You’d be surprised how much time and attention can be lost when switching between windows.

Here’s my two-screen setup! As you’ll see I’ve got Monday (our task management platform) on the top, so I can keep my progress updated and stay in tune with what’s going on at TMP. On the bottom screen I like to keep what I’m working on front and centre, so that’s usually reserved for working in the design tools.

3. Tile windows side by side 

If you don’t use a second screen, it can still be useful to have eyes on two things at once.

Hover on the green expand icon at the top left of your window to bring up split screen options, then click again to select your second window for the opposing side. Note – you’ll need be using macOS Catalina for this to work.

4. Share between devices with a single click by adding Airdrop to your favourites bar. 

Drag your file onto the Airdrop shortcut, and release it on the desired device to share instantly. No emails, no right-click-share, nothing is faster! Airdrop is an absolute saviour when you’re bouncing between work machines and your phone.

To add the shortcut, go to Finder > Preferences > Sidebar, and check ✅ Airdrop.

5. Access emojis on Mac

Emojis are always a tap away when you’re on your phone, however they’re hidden away in the Keyboard settings by default on Mac.
Turn them on in System Preferences > Keyboard > Show Keyboard and Emoji Viewers in menu bar

Hopefully these tips will save you a bit of time and streamline a few of your essential processes. As all marketers know, every second you can save is a big win – especially on those repetitive and regular tasks.

At The Marketing Project we’re always looking for new ways to save time for us and our clients – so if you come across any other marketing or timesaving tips, let us know!

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